Cover Letters

Many (if not most) recruiters, headhunters and HR managers today no longer read cover letters. They immediately delete them or put them in the trash.

But what if you’re applying to or interviewing with one of those people who DO read cover letters?

If you don’t submit a cover letter, or your cover letter is generic, a re-statement of your resume or simply a quick introduction, you lose a HUGE opportunity to make an impression on an interviewer that could determine how far up the candidate chain you make it.

Steve has written countless cover letters that serve their main purpose – to immediately show that a candidate can make or save money for a potential employer, making the interviewer want to look at the attached resume.

In his article for Beat Your Peers to the C-Suite, Steve shows how even adding a P.S. to a cover letter can increase your chances of landing an interview. He dispels the common myths promoted by many so-called career gurus regarding the use of this important communications tool.

Yes, you need to spend the time to create an effective cover letter that can be re-configured for any job opportunity. Steve can help you create a cover letter targeted to a specific job you’re currently applying for, or a cover letter you can re-configure for any job so that it’s NOT generic.